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  • Glass gives bright colors and combines endless patterns. It is crystal clear and bright/colorful, which can decorate a modern/bright/elegant refined mood. The colored glass tiles are pasted with ceramic high-temperature colored glaze, which is very effective....
  • In the crystal glass horse industry, oil-based backing oil has been used for many years to ensure the opening strength of the glass glaze, but the oily odor is not environmentally friendly, which is not allowed in the current environment with high environmental requirements....
  • The baking temperature is 1160-1230 degrees, easy to use: no additional equipment is needed, and it can be produced under the existing process conditions. There are brown-red, red-brown, ....
  • Ink oil, also known as printing oil, binder, and ink-adjustable medium, is a key material that affects printing performance. While maintaining its good printing performance, it is now often required to have very strong bonding strength, so that the glaze will not fall off during the opening. Foshan Taoyise Glaze ...